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#PYNKTalk: How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone


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For some of us #PYNKGirls, we fall victim to the inevitable friend zone. We try so hard to be the cool, down to earth “friend” and we mistakenly fall into the category of being the “sis” or “home girl” they like to have around. But what if we want to be more than just the cool girl-friend that gets to hang with the fellas?

No woman wants to be the typical nagging friend in any relationship, so it’s important that we take a different approach when trying to court a dude. But this chill and laid back vibe is exactly what lands us in the friend zone and has us sitting back while the guy of our dreams is off on romantic dates with another woman―who we know is no good for him. We know this because he has the perfect woman right by his side hanging with the fellas on sunday night football.

So when trying to get out the friend zone, one must remember to be strategic and smart about the next steps.

468775815Step 1. Change the way he looks at you: Instead of wearing those over sized comfy clothes, show him that you can get sexy and be more than just one of the guys by putting your sexy on. A little tight dress or fitted jeans and pumps never hurt!

Step 2. Find out where his head is: Provoke a conversation that gets into his head and heart to see where he is as far as trying to find the right woman to settle down with. Because no matter how perfect you may be for him, he just might not be in the right head space to be in a relationship.

469326467Step 3. Drop little hints: If he is ready for a relationship, show him that you are the type of woman that he should be trying to settle down with, without saying the words verbatim.

Step 4. Use the friend zone to your advantage: The one benefit of being in the friend zone when you are trying to get out of it, is that you spend the most time together. So, use this time to ask “what if” scenarios. Ask, what if you two actually took things to the next level?

After step 4 you will know where you’ll stand as far as potentially moving on and you getting out of the friend zone. But, be aware that these steps shouldn’t be taken all in one day. Getting out of the friend zone takes time and the key is to slowly position yourself as the trophy. So follow these steps in the course of a month or so and hopefully you’ll get exactly what you want and you’ll be emailing us with an invite to the wedding.

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