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#PynkTalk: If you were a man, what qualifications would make a woman wife material?

You are one hell of a cook. There is nothing that you can’t cook, and thanks to the many Tasty videos posted on Facebook, you have recipes for the whole week.

You keep an immaculate home. There is not a speckle of dust that can be found because you clean your home from top to bottom.

You have it all and then some! There is no way that you don’t deserve that multi-carat ring and that gorgeous white gown. That’s the way you feel right? But what does your guy think?

We didn’t talk to guys, but we spoke with a few #PynkGirls to see what they speculate makes men want to get down on one knee.

 “Honesty, loyalty, and supportive. There are no pictures of her showing her half-naked body on the internet or twerking. College educated so I know my kids will be educated by her and she would strive to see them go to college.” -Octavia M.

“Compassionate, open, understanding, kind, maternal, ambitious, loving, a good listener, attentive, a lady in these streets and a freak in the sheets, and can cook her ass off!” -Lovisa W.

“Giving, family-oriented, gets along with your friends, motivates you, prays for you, allows you to be yourself, willing to compromise, sensual, great communicator, a little street smarts.” Tiffany C. 

What do you think makes a woman wife material? Leave your comments below.

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