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#PYNKTalk: Interview with Lisha Lee, CEO of Hollywood Sensation ; Lisha Lee Cosmetics


Meet twenty-nine year old entrepreneur, Lisha Lee of luxury hair brand Hollywood Sensation and Lisha Lee Cosmetics.  This young Southern Belle started from the bottom and now she’s here. With a flourishing beauty and hair empire based in Raleigh, North Carolina,  this young visionary is, without a doubt, #PynkGirlApproved! With very little advertising, Lisha Lee has successfully created a lucrative empire within the confines of her home– marketing her brand via  social media. This resourceful business woman sits down with PYNK Magazine to discuss her burgeoning brands, and offers advice to young entrepreneurs, inspiring them to make their dreams a reality.


What inspired you to launch your beauty brands–Lisha Lee Cosmetics and Hollywood Sensation?

I have been wearing extensions for years, but I could not find a texture that matched my hair texture. I also found that the price of hair was so expensive. It got me thinking, and I felt bad that a lot of women want to look fabulous but can not afford to especially with the economy. So I just decided to start selling my own line of extensions at affordable prices, and Hollywood Sensations by Lisha Lee was born. As for my beauty line, Lisha Lee Cosmetics, I just decided to incorporate something fun and girly, especially with the LED Light Glitter Lip Gloss. And when it comes to the glow in the dark nail polish, I thought this was a cool idea especially now since the Spring and Summer is approaching.
On the beauty tip: What are your most coveted beauty products and top sellers?
My best sellers right now are definitely the LED Light Glitter Lip Gloss. It has a mirror on the outside of the case and the inside of the gloss tube lights up–it’s haute! Another best seller would be the neon colored glow in the dark polish especially for the club, or for the cool summer nights walking along the beach, or laying out on your patio looking at the stars.

On the hair tip: What are your top sellers? Describe the quality of Hollywood Sensation hair and textures?

My top seller is definitely the Brazilian Body Wave. Brazilian hair is so versatile and easily styled, and is the thickest among all virgin hair types. All of Hollywood Sensations luxury hair is medium to high maintenance, and medium luster. Another one of my best sellers is our EURASIAN Body Wave, which is a special bond of bohemian and Asian virgin hair. It’s very silky and smooth, easily styled, with very low maintenance. Another popular line is my European Blonde collection, which is primarily worn by Caucasian women.
The hair and beauty industries have become such a highly competitive industry. What makes Hollywood Sensation and Lisha Lee Cosmetics different from all the rest?
I feel like my brands are different due to them being unique, great quality and still affordable to all income levels. My brand has a lot of great customers and I’m honest with my customers. I want to motivate young girls and let them know that with hard work and determination, you can build an empire and be successful. Also I would never sell or distribute anything I wouldn’t wear myself. The only way you learn your business and brand is by investing your own time and using your own products before selling to others.
You are a PYNK Girl! You do it all! You are a business woman to the fullest! Tell me about your fashion design aspirations?
I have always absolutely loved fashion, and I consider myself to be creative! All of the designs I’ve created are different items I haven’t seen before. I am very hands on and very detailed when it came to designing the apparel. I also like to design pieces that I would like to see around for the spring and summer.

What’s next for Lisha Lee?
I have a few ventures such as expanding my business to different states as well as overseas. I am working on a television show, and this Summer I have a few fashion shows that my apparel will be featured in.
What advice would you offer to young entrepreneurs who aspire for greatness such as yourself?
I suggest to young entrepreneurs to keep dreaming, keep striving, nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream. You have to get out here grind and hustle! You will get some doors shut in your face, but keep pushing and strive for excellence. I started my business in ten minutes and with no money, or no help from anyone. If I can do it, you can do it too!

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