#PYNKTalk: Is Being A Side Piece Wrong?



It is officially 2016 and we can no longer hide the fact that this popular role of being a side piece has reached an all time high. We see so often what it means to be a side piece play out on reality television shows, movies, and even in our daily lives. But, what if being a side piece was a part of making the universe go around and actually making sustainable relationships.

Lets start with defining the term side piece; a term used to define a women or man who serves as a sexual form of pleasure outside of an established committed relationship.

So when deciding if being a side piece is wrong, the first thing we always think about is being a home wrecker and intruding on a relationship of a happy couple. But, what if the the relationship isn’t happy at all. Isn’t that the reason most people step out on their significant other because the relationship is lacking something that is required such as sex, companionship, fun, and excitement?

Don’t get me wrong ladies, never is it okay to intrude on a relationship with intentions to wreck the relationship. But, if the guy you are pursuing is completely aware of the repercussions of his actions of stepping out on his girlfriend, it is no where in your side piece description to take into account his girlfriends feelings because you have no commitment to either parties.

But at the same time be aware of your role as the silent partner. You are seen as a sex item and nothing more. Never have the idea of becoming the girlfriend or stepping into the role as the main chick because karma will be in full affect and the way you get a man is surely the way you lose him.

Therefore, when answering the question if being a side piece is wrong I have to firmly say NO. But, I say no with perimeters and rules.

Rule 1. Never catch feelings: Catching feelings means you want more to it than just sex and that will never happen.

Rule 2. Get in and get out: As the side piece make sure you hold the power. Set restrictions and never allow the man to hold all the cards. These restrictions can start with you calling when you want sex and he is to never call you.

Rule 3. Timing: Set a time limit to this side piece relationship. Never allow this to go on longer than 6 months because after this allotted time you are in way to deep and it heightens the chances of people finding out.

Rule 4. Communication: Make sure you both are completely honest with each other because in this situationship you two are the only ones who have everything to lose, so stay on the same page.

Rule 5. Stay away from the main: NEVER NEVER NEVER come in contact with the main piece because every  woman has an intuition that will unravel the web of lies.

Rule 6. Limits: If he is married or if there are children involved DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT !

So, with all this being said make sure that if you sign on to be a side piece you play your role and never step outside of it.



Photo Credit(s): singleblackmale, wordondastreet. 

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