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#PYNKTalk: Is It My Reality To Be Single Forever?



Seems like the idea of dating has become so tiresome for those of us who go on dates hoping it will workout but instead the guy proves to be the same as the last.

The fact that you invest so much time into finding a significant other is what makes you have hopes that it will prove to be a sustainable relationship. Because when you put forth your all and make sure you give this guy the best of you, you have no doubt that this is it and he is the one.

But, with the way the world of dating and relationships work now of days, you can be giving 100% of yourself to a guy who barely is giving you 50%. And this reality is what has us #PYNKGirls thinking is it our reality to be single forever?

Sure there are upsides to being single, it’s like a girls night out every night because you have no ties and are able to enjoy life. But we all want to be cuddled and have that security blanket known as the guy waiting for you to come home after your fun but rated PG night out with your girls.

But when the reality of maybe being single forever hits, its depressing to think that you are a great women with great qualities that no guy seems to notice or value.

So is it safe to say if you haven’t found your prince charming yet you will never find him?

Or is it just the popular notion that you haven’t met your match yet but there is someone out there for everyone? If this is the case, universe answer our #PYNKGirl prayers and send that someone our way.



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