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#PYNKTalk: Is it out of line to include a child in an argument?

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If you’ve been watching Basketball Wives, then you know that the beef between Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada has gotten quite heated.

The argument went sour and to a point of no return when Evelyn mentioned Jackie’s parenting/grandparenting style. In a fit of rage, Jackie retorted, “What if I listen to the sh*t on the internet about you having a daughter that they say is a build-a-whore.”

The argument then escalated from bad to worse which ended any chances of the two ever reconciling.

This brings up a serious question: Is bringing a child into an argument going too far?

Here is what #PynkGirls had to say:

Kids are off limits. The issue is Evelyn attacked Jackie’s character, basically playing off the rumors that Jackie is a bad parent and perhaps a bad grandmother given the situation. The issue had nothing to do with the character or actions of the kids. All is fair at this point. Jackie brought up rumors about Evelyn daughter which attacked the daughters character completely. Jackie did say nothing about Evelyn and wanted to make sure that rumor about her daughter was perpetuated through national TV. Jackie is very calculated.– Chandra D., PR Specialist

NOPE! All’s fair in love and war. An argument is meant for the opposing parties to either go back and forth about who is right or it’s to verbally hurt the other person. If you and I are in an argument, I won’t bring up your child but if you bring up mine, it’s over. I won’t mean any ill will against the child but I’m going to talk about that child unibrow and all! It’s SOLELY for verbal ammo to break their momma down. They all need to grow up on this show and stop embarrassing themselves for coin.– Janelle S., Beautician

Children are definitely off limits. When you talk negatively about someone’s child, those are fighting words. It increases the intensity of the moment and can get ugly really quickly. I know a lot of nasty things can be said in the heat of a moment. I’m not a fighter but if you bring up my baby, I can’t promise that I won’t try to hurt you! Portia N., Writer

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