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#PynkTalk: Journaling The Journey…


Written By: Candice Jones & Rachel Huggins

“The achievements of those who have gone before me inspire me to achieve. The belief that others have placed in me, give me reason to believe.” This quote by Carole Joy is engrained on the cover of a small, red, spiral notebook with a hardcover given to me by my mother.

I received this notebook at a time when I was at the proverbial fork in the road. I had a choice…a choice that would define me for the rest of my life. I could choose to go left and settle for a life and career that did not excite, inspire, satisfy, or fulfill me or I could go right and teeter at the edge of a cliff. A cliff that I hoped was perched above my purpose…my success…my dreams…my destiny.

I chose to go right. Fearlessly taking a leap, head first into the unknown. It was by far the hardest and scariest yet smartest and most rewarding decision that I had ever made. That little, red notebook with all of my big dreams scribbled into it was and still is my roadmap.

When I meet fellow dreamers, I often tell them about the red notebook that I call my “dream journal”…and now, I’m telling you.

Every PYNK girl is an ambitious, go-getter! Using dream journals or creating vision boards are some of the best ways to manifest your dreams into reality.


How To Start A Dream Journal:

Journal Shopping

Go to your local bookstore. Pick a journal that speaks to you. It should embody your personality while also inspiring you to scribe. Picking a notebook that is small also helps as you might need to tuck it into your fab bag on days when you might need a little extra motivation.

Reflect…then Project

Think about what you want for your life…overall, not just career-wise. Reflect on every aspect. Travel List, Bucket List, Career, Financial, Personal, Romantic, Spiritual…cover all the bases. Then write them all down.

Timing is Everything

Break down your list of goals into smaller lists. Start with goals you would like to accomplish in the next year, then 3-5 years then 7-10 years.

Quantify Your Goals

Quantifying your goals gives you benchmarks so that you know when you have accomplished something, and when you have, checking it off of your list will be the sweetest satisfaction yet.


How To Create A Vision Board:

Pick a Theme

What do you want in your life? Really. A new job that nurtures (not stifles) your creativity, a move to a new city, or a total life makeover? Whatever it is, take some time to think about it before pulling out your glue stick and poster board.
More questions to ask yourself:
How will you feel and look once you reach your goals? Where will you travel? What clothes will you wear? What would you do for work?… would you even work? What will your social life look like?

Let go, Let Flow

Relax your mind and let your conscious run fee. You need to soak your subconscious mind with positive vibes in order to materialize your desires quicker than you hope. Play music that gets you hype, flip through magazines and pick out the most compelling pictures that capture your goals.

Placement Means Everything

The sight of your vision board should energize your passion every time you look at it. The whole point is to place it in a location that maximizes visual exposure throughout the day or night. Try your living room, bedroom or mount it to the ceiling above your bed so it’s the first and last thing you see when you get out of bed.

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