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#PYNKTalk: @KarenCivil Talks Balance and Staying Focused on Your Journey


Interview by Brandon Robinson (@ScoopB)


“Karen Civil Is Working While You’re Sleeping.”

The usual suspects of success in 2015 include; Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and the list goes on, but what does millennial success look like in 2015? It looks a lot like Karen Civil.

Much has been said about Gen X’ers “living in the moment” and following their dreams rather than working and getting a real job, but Civil has made her mark early on. The world is her oyster, but in her case, the rapid pace of the World Wide Web is that oyster.

As a result, the cultural influencer has turned her fascination with the Internet and love for people into a lucrative career.  “I like the fact that I have actually found people that I have things in common with who were miles away on the other side of the planet,” Civil said. “You know how you could get a letter every three months from a pen pal in China? Now here we are e-mailing each other and getting much faster responses.” Rapid results have been Civil’s calling card. Her point of entry in mainstream began as an intern with Funkmaster Flex. Since then, she’s been chasing her dreams, which has led to a rewarding profession.

Floyd Mayweather may have The Money Team around him, but Civil has been attached to a ton of money squads with much influence:  Beats by Dre, Nike and Young Money to name a few. A tastemaker of many sorts, Civil’s blog is a hub that aggregates content in news, music releases and celebrity interviews. Not only is she a media mogul with a growing rapport, but also she is a woman in a male dominant industry holding down her crown. “The world is not set up for women to have it all,” Civil said. “But I’m going to do what I need to do and make it work for me.”

Never too busy, Civil caught up with PYNK Magazine to drop pearls of wisdom.

Here’s The SCOOP…

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