#PYNKTalk: Kimye’s Baby Boy Rumor & The Pressure Of Future Royal Offsprings

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In 2015, it’s harder to be the child of a celebrity more than being the actual celebrity. When you are a pop culture royal child, there are no boundaries that you cannot reach and the sky is really the limit when you have that much money, which means there is no excuse for mediocrity. Although this seems like an unfair responsibility to hold, it exists and has been forcibly faulted amongst many of our young fame successors―and the list is pretty hefty. Sarcastically, we poke fun at the rich kids―whose lives are so rough―but could you imagine being born into this world with the pressure of being perfect?

For example, in an interview with Complex Magazine, Zoe Kravitz recalls struggling with self-shaming and body image issues as a teenager because she was insecure for having such “beautiful parents.” Certianly not her parents’ fault, but Zoe knew that as she got older and more recognizable in Hollywood that the pressure of being like her parents―if not greater than her parents―would become more intense.

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Fast forwarding to the 26-year-old’s current achievements, you can see that not only is she acting and modeling just like mommy Bonet, but she’s also involved with music like her father―Lenny Kravitz.  As the lead-singer for her collective group Lolawolf, Zoe has proceeded to become a protoype for the reign of super-offsprings that pop culture has demanded.

Willow and Jaden Smith―children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith―are also maestros of artistic expression, both being triple threats and allowing their creativity to explore all realms of this entertainment industry. With their core fans and intrigued followers, the sibling set have become two of the youngest influencers this generation has seen. Namely, when we think of the ultimate black, royal youngsters, we have to credit the two most discreet―yet frequently discussed―duo, Sasha and Malia Obama, who couldn’t even wear a Pro Era tee shirt without being “investigated.”

Blue Ivy has some time before all eyes are on her to choose an expertise, but the Jayonce toddler has already been victim to harsh media criticism e.g. when the web dropped some severely inappropriate and jarring insults about her natural locks. North’s already ahead of the kiddy clan being named a “fashionista” at barely 2-years-old; and with their “son” (Usweekly reports) on the way, of course everyone will be expecting another musical genius. Who knows what his niche will be, but the tabloids won’t be too far behind, criticizing every pedestrian approach of the soon-to-be star.

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