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By: Aaliyah Shalawn
In the heart of Southwest Philadelphia, lies a gem of a salon. A light tan colored stucco building highlights the corner of 55th St., and immediately gives you the feeling of the Florida suburbs. The inside of the salon is bright and modern with a touch of Mediterranean décor. Beyonce’s voice is heard in the surround sound system softly singing “Pretty Hurts” although in G. Casamera Hair Salon that doesn’t appear to be the case.
Salon owner and head stylist, Casamera Reavis is attentive to his final client of the day, smiling as his wrists twist and turn to make every curl as pretty as the last. The other stylists and assistants are working diligently to clean and prepare the salon for the next day. Casamera is standing tall and turns to smile and say that he would be finished shortly. His KTZ champion metal, boots and signature “I love my Hair” T-shirt screams that besides being a master hair magician, he is a class act in the fashion department. Once he is complete with his client we sat down to talk about his growing empire and his plans to expand his brand.
Casamera explains that he has been a professional in the hair industry for thirteen years, noting that prior to opening his own salon 7 years prior; he had only worked at one other salon, owned by his friend and mentor Latasha Sampson. Throughout his years in the industry, he has blessed the tresses of songbirds; Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Jazmine Sullivan, and hip hop diva Trina. His vision is to expand his brand by becoming more involved in the world of celebrity hair styling.
Although he has plans to make G. Cassamera a full service salon and spa in the future, and travel more to work with celebrities, he is doing very well at keeping his business steady and successful with his current salon, and Luxury Virgin Hair Line, Opulence by Casamera. The high end luxury line of hair is considered premium, and with proper care is guaranteed to last at least one year with a minimum amount of shedding. Casamera considers himself talented in all aspects of styling and hair care, from short funky styles to long luxurious weaves. He prides himself on running an actual business that caters to clients and employees. He makes mention that he is one of the very few salon owners who supply their employees with w-2 statements at the end of each year.
His views on the hair industry being dominated by women are non –existent. He respects and appreciates the women in the industry, however he feels that there are simply just more of them in the field, however he believes that the males have a bit of an edge because he notices that a lot of clients “want the power of a man” when receiving services. Casamera is also very keen on perceptions and illusions, and feels that stylists should always look the part, “it’s very important in the industry to look polished and presentable, it makes a client feel excited about being serviced.” Casamera Reavis is determined to continue to make his mark in the hair industry, and remains educated on current trends in the field. “Education about the industry, talent and passion are what makes a stylist successful. I would never give this up, God gave me this.”

Connect with Casamera Reavis of G. Casamera Salon:
Instagram: gcasamerahairsalon
Twitter: casamera1

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