#PYNKTalk: @MadisonJaye_ Talks First Endeavors and Entrepreneurism


madison jaye

Stilettos and a bright personality enter the room and suddenly you feel welcomed. When I first met Madison Jaye, she greeted me with hugs and great energy reflective of her on air presence. At 23, she has already built a name for herself amongst big timers in the industry and is currently building an empire for herself. From graduating with a Communitcations degree to having a radio show of her own, the young entertainment journalist is definitely a force to be reckoned with; considering she could easily be mistaken for a vet in the game.

In a heartfelt story of her journey, the young journalist tells us about the first words she spoke on radio and the reason this lifestyle is a dream come true. Inspired by her grandmother at a young age, Madison speaks about how she’s always had a luminous personality and diligent work ethic. Reminiscing on her first moments in the studio and being a chatterbox as a child, the Princess of Entertainment chopped it up with us to share her experiences as a radio personality and her ventures towards entrepreneurism.

Madison Jaye is an emerging brand for the entertainment inclined mind. Its leader is on a journey of self-evolution—which is definitely a busy one. The media mogul in the making can be seen on her Youtube channel, Madison Jaye TV and heard on The Madison Jaye Show on Shrink Wrap Media recordeed at Sirus XM. She is becoming a heavy hitter in her trade with several renowned interviews under her belt including Luke James, Marsha Ambrosius, Estelle, Bobby Valentino, Shaun Ross and Ty Hunter just to name a few. She is currently the digital producer at WBLS’, The Quiet Strom with Lenny Green. Check out the full interview on the following pages.


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