#PYNKTalk: Our Talk With #PYNKGirl Eboyne’ Jackson , CEO of Divine Influence PR

Eboyne J.

Meet #PYNkGirl Eboyne’Jackson, owner of Divine Influence Public Relations firm. She is a God fearing woman who’s faith in God, has brought her to success thus far in life. Read our chat with her as she explains how she got her start in writing, how God helps guide her business, and her future endeavors. Eboyne’ is #PYNKGirlApproved!

Where are you from?

I’m from Waterbury, CT

What sparked your interest in the journalism scene?

Oh my gosh, so much! You know, for me journalism just kind of happened by chance. It’s really funny because when I tell this story a lot of people are like ,”that’s how you got your start?”, and I’m like “yes that’s how it happened for me”. It was very natural and very organic for me. I was invited a couple of years ago to Neyo’s 30th birthday party on a rooftop in New York. I went and I was really there as a guest because at the time I was dating a producer, but ,I don’t know for some weird reason I found myself drawn to the press pool. I was so fixated. I mean everyone from VH1 to BET was there and I just remember I was so excited to be around all the journalists and seeing what they actually do. I was supposed to be partying inside, but the whole time I was actually at the red carpet talking to all the journalist, and I kind of just ambushed the red carpet. But, I made so many connections that night, like Gary from Singer’s Room. We became really cool and we still keep in touch and he’s really helped me a lot with PR and building on his brand. It was really cool, and that’s what really sparked my interest. Ever since that experience I became really excited about journalism and I decided to just try it out. I was able to get my official press pass connection for Angie Martinez’s beauty event, and from there I continued going. Then, for the first time I started writing for a weekly called Fusion, it was like celebrity, beauty, and fashion coverage and I found I was really good at it and kept going. I started writing for the local newspaper Republican American. Then I sort of expanded and wrote for Black Voices, Jones, and Juicy.

You’ve done so much journalistic work, so how did you make the transition into PR?

Well you know PR is a completely different world. It also happened kind of by chance really. I think for me what really sparked my interest in moving away from journalism as my full-time focus; let’s just keep it real,being a journalist is not the most lucrative career initially. Writing freelance, which was what I was doing,was cool and I loved it but I felt like I wanted more and I felt like financially I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I felt that the world of journalism started to shift and change. I knew that I didn’t want to be a blogger and people say you need to keep up with the times and what’s current, but I just wanted to write. So I thought maybe it was time for me to find another niche market for my brand and myself. If you want to be successful at anything in life, it’s always good to be a woman of many talents. That’s kind of what happened with me in PR. A friend of mine, a celebrity hair stylist Naima Johnson she had contacted me on the referral of a really good friend of mine Giovanni who’s a stylist. Giovanni was like I have this friend she’s a great writer she’ll do anything, if you’re looking for a talented PR person you have to speak to my girl Eboyne’. So out of no where I get a call from Naima and she says “I’m having this huge event and I would really love if you’d consider doing the PR for my event, you were highly recommended by Giovanni, let’s see what we can do”. Literally we had two weeks to put together this charity event and when I tell you it was nothing but God, like it was God. It was fabulous. I got two big sponsors I was able to get amazing gift bags. We had so many press outlets there, the venue was beautiful, and everything ran smoothly inside. It was just amazing to see everything run so pristine and so amazingly being the first time, so for me it gave me that push and that sort of affirmation that I could do this. Also, I felt that it was probably going to be more financially edifying for me so it made sense (laughs). So it just happened, and I’ve just been going from there.

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You’re now the owner of your own boutique PR firm, Divine influence, what fueled your passion to open your business?

I just think honestly as women we want to feel like we have something to call our own. Obviously, being a journalist I’ve never had the experience where I felt like a magazine or a publication was my own. It was always someone else’s business or magazine that I was a part of, which is great,but I feel like at some point or time in your life you want something of your own. I think for me it was something that I felt I could really build from the ground up. I was aware that it would be challenging and that it would be a lot of work, but it’s mine. I feel like Divine Influence PR was meant to be and needed to be. In PR you don’t find a lot of companies that will work with you from the ground up. Especially like emerging brand. Emerging brands have it so hard and I just felt like my company could definitely be the face of the emerging clientele, people who were emerging and on the come up and really wanted to turn into something great. I just felt like that was a great niche market for the company. Not only just a niche market, but also our approach to PR is so different. We are a faith-based company so we take a different approach. With all of our clients we pray for them, I’m interceding and asking God to give me direction for them. So I think for me having my faith and trust and believing in God is such an amazing process that we take. We have to have the guidance of the Lord in everything we do. To be able to have that and clients who respect that is great. I’ve had a client who wasn’t a Christian but after everything they were like wow, maybe I need to serve the God that you serve. It’s not just about a brand, it’s about presenting a lifestyle. That’s why our motto is achieving the impossible with faith and a smile.

 How do you see your business growing?

Let me just say I don’t intend to only do PR for the rest of my life. I love it and I want the business to flourish and grow but I don’t want to be pigeon hold into it forever. I want to continue on the path of helping these amazing brands achieve their goals,however I also have my own goals that I want to accomplish. So this year I’m going to be launching a beauty line with my sister called Glam Beauty. That’s exciting to me as well.

What has been the most challenging part of your career to date?

Obviously working with new emerging brands is a challenge; yes, it is a challenge I’m not going to lie. It is gratifying to see all the excitement and the media that is responsive and when you’re getting celebrity endorsements and when you finally get people fighting and grabbing, but initially it is hard work.There is a lot of calls to make and ground work before all of that happens.

What is your definition of a #PYNKGirl?

She is intelligent, fearless, powerful and above all else, she is humble as she relies on God for her guidance and strength as she seeks His face in everything she continues to build.

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