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#PYNKTalk: PYNK Gets To Know The Genius Behind @RegalHairWeaves



If you are looking for some quality tresses, you better check out Regal Hair!

My Regal Hair provides 100% natural virgin human hair that is both durable and versatile. We are currently in an era where social media has taken businesses to the next level by offering an outlet for free promotion and endless possibilities. Although the extension market is oversaturated with tons of companies selling hair, Regal Hair extensions prides themselves on delivering quality crafted pieces to their clients. Regal hair is always lustrous, tangle free and the company is dedicated to always giving their customers the best of the best.

For Regal Hair, this business endeavor is not a trend; it is an investment that they plan to see growth in, eventually building a factory in Asia and being able to provide jobs for families in Asia as well as being able to build homes for the homeless. Continue reading to learn more about Regal Hair, what separates them from other hair extension companies, their five-year plan and more.


What are some important qualities that you focus on when it comes to the hair you sell?

The important qualities that I focus on consist of: social improvement, craftsmanship and consistency. I’ve come across so many women who waste so much money on hair due to the products meticulously being marketed as something that it is not.

How long did it take for your hair company to start getting consistent business?

I began getting consistent business within a few months. I still keep in touch with my very first client. I praise her, because that first sale is what changed a dream into reality. I was literally on the bed in frenzy from my first order. My husband thought that I was nuts. From that point on it went from family, friends, to having clients in other countries.

What separates regal hair from other extension companies?

What separate us from others: not being into trends, and truly understanding whom our clients are and focus on them. We like to watch the big companies who have had longevity in the business, and actually learn about hair extensions from other cultures. I studied under an orthodox Jewish family, and learned about collecting hair, and creating sheitels (wigs). Another factor that separates us from others is that we offer 100% raw hair, and we also show who some of our donors are. So purchasing hair becomes a true experience. We are also hands on from sourcing – distribution ensuring the quality. Our hair will last up to 5 years vs up to a year’ In addition to that I now collect hair directly from the donors, and working on building my own factory in Asia.


What is some advice that you’ve followed that has led to the company’s success?

Some of the great advice that I’ve received that has helped the company is not following trends- that was number one. Don’t worry about your competitor outside of market research. Read! Read! Read! and Read! So I’m constantly reading different trade publications, marketing books, communication books etc.

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

In five years, I see us helping a lot of families in Asia by creating jobs, and building homes for the homeless. Being exposed to that level of poverty provided me with an irresistible drive to make sure that we are socially conscious of others, and help improve the lives of those who help us look beautiful with luxurious hair extensions. Similar to the brand Toms! In addition to that having our factory up and running!


What is some usual positive feedback that you get from your customers?

Customers always seek us out after trying other “popular” brands, and not being satisfied. We often get them comparing the hair to our competitors. There is truly a secret hair society ‘ “hair cult”. These women truly know about virgin hair, and pride themselves on purchasing quality. What is the most popular hair that you sell? The most popular texture that we offer is our “Low Luster D” pattern, which tends to be very coarse and curly. The fact that it is not processed and is the actual texture from the donor makes it extremely rare, and we currently have a waitlist for it.


What do you think is the “it” factor that your company has?

Our “It Fact” would be the fact that we bring our donors face to face with the consumers. There are so many tactics being used claiming that hair is from certain origins when it’s really not. We cease any assumptions by being transparent and showing exactly where we get our How does your company stay afloat in an industry that has been over saturated because of social media shops? We simply stay afloat by being transparent, and actually offering great quality. Our prices will startle the woman that’s use to purchasing hair for $60.00; until we have her calculate how much hair she has gone through over the months.

What a-list clientele have you had since your business had started?

Well for starters whoever is on the cover of Essence Magazine for the month of July will be wearing our hair. Naomi Campbell, Cecily Tyson, Wendy Williams (100 Wigs a month), Tamar Braxton, Naturi Naughton from Power, Nicole Beharie from Sleepy Hollow.


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