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#PynkTalk: #PynkGirls weigh in on the news of Kevin Hart, Usher, and R. Kelly

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The internet has been on fire since the news has broken about R. Kelly, Usher, Kevin Hart and now Pastor Jamal Bryant.

Don’t believe us? Here are the receipts!

We spoke with #PynkGirls about the trending topics and this is what they had to say about the L’s celebrity black men have taken this week.

“None of this is a surprise to me however, I feel that Kevin Hart appears to be part of a movie or photoshopped, BUT if the photo turns out to be real, then “how you get him, is how you lose him. R. Kelly has been an issue since Aaliyah, and even moreso after the sex tape of urinating on a child, Chili did say Usher did something unforgivable, is this it? Sleeping with a bridesmaid no less! And to the bridesmaid, really? Another reason why my gender pisses me off.” Saundra H., Author

“I truly think it’s disheartening that people will automatically assume and create a narrative without knowing what’s actually happening with Kevin Hart. I’m more disturbed that people just soak it up as truth. I need everyone to stop acting surprised because R. Kelly has been a pedophile and he wasn’t held accountable. I believe he found a new way to lure in teenagers by having young girls over 21 in his life. I also need people to realize that validating his behavior is devaluing black girls. Jaynay J., Author

“The best commitments is with yourself. Usher and Kevin Hart have a problem and the problem isn’t with women. We stress and get depressed wondering what we did wrong and most of the time it was nothing. They need to get into themselves and so do we.” -Rasheeda H., Publicist

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