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#PynkTalk: Robin Givhan wants pregnancy covers to end!

Beyonce Pregnant
Photo Courtesy of @Beyonce Instagram

Fashion Editor and Critic, Robin Givhan, was dragged by Twitter for her Washington Post article, in which she spoke her opinion on Serena Williams’s Vanity Fair cover that features her well-sculptured physique in the nude displaying her baby bump. The article was titled, “Let Serena Williams’s naked pregnancy photo shoot be the last of its kind”

Image by Annie Leibovitz

Image by Annie Leibovitz

The first fashion writer to win a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism (2006) expressed her thoughts and opinions about celebrities like Ciara, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland who also gave us their nearly nude pregnancy photos on Instagram and magazine covers.

“Celebrities have transformed pregnancy into another Instagrammable moment. One to be articulated with the help of a professional stylist, designer clothing and a top-notch hair wrangler.”

She also speaks about how she believes that pregnancy was supposed to be a special time for a woman which should be valued and private, not publicized on social media and hardly a magazine cover.

“Yes, pregnancy is beautiful and powerful and worthy of celebration. You are womanly. You are phenomenal. God bless. But it has become virtually impossible for a celebrity to go through a pregnancy without getting naked for the cameras and her fans.”

Some of Twitter took the article as body shaming a woman’s temporary state of pregnancy.

Let it be noted that after reading the article myself, there was no body-shaming at all.

Others who took the time to read the article thoroughly, gave the writer positive feedback.

What do you think? Are celebrity pregnancies far too publicized? Should it be more private?

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