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#PYNKTalk: Sex V. Making Love?



It’s about that time we have the sex versus making love talk. When we have the birds and the bees talk as young girls on the verge of exploring the intimate sides of relationships we never get the full story. Our parents fail to leave out the most important aspect of what it means to connect with someone on a sexual level. Sure we get the safe sex is great sex, no glove no love, make sure you’re ready, etc. But, what about the distinguished difference between making love and simply having sex?

To some #PYNKGirls we see making love and having sex as one in the same because it’s simply sex either way you look at it. It’s the same action of two bodies coming together to experience the ultimate feeling of a climax known as an orgasm.

But for those of us #PYNKGirls who see the clear difference between having sex and making love we understand that sure the action is the same but the emotional investment and connection is what makes the difference.

When you make love with someone it takes the physical feeling and makes it seem so small on the scale that the emotional outweighs it. But, it also takes your body on a physical journey that seems inexplicable.

Making love makes you vulnerable on so many levels that you and your partners body become intertwined and your emotions become one. It’s very rare nowadays for partners to make love due to the complicated world of dating and “talking”. These aspects of relationships have made dating such a task that actually investing emotions and finding love has become rare.

But when you find the right person to give your all to without having to second guess if they feel the same way, it will surely take your intimate relationship to the next level.

Therefore, in the world of the bedroom Olympics we see so often quickies and one night stands which on this scale can be seen as simply sex, there’s no room for the emotional. So when you find that right guy who makes you want to be better without a hesitation, who makes you re-evaluate why you have to fall in love because he makes you feel like you’re flying, or the guy who you know loves you more than he loves himself, make sure you give him your all and MAKE LOVE!


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