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#PynkTalk: Should you buy a boyfriend/girlfriend expensive items before marriage?

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If friendship has a price, this tag is a very expensive one!

According to Media Takeout, Keyshia Cole was recently gifted a very expensive Rolex that cost $300K.

Who was this friend that gave such an expensive gift? It was none other than the “Money Team” leader, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

It is reported that they are dating but we are not a gossip blog and don’t have all the details.

We wanted to know what our #PynkGirls thought and here is their reactions:

“I don’t think love and expressing your love for some requires a price tag or price check. Obviously don’t go broke gifting anyone but if you got it and you love then why not?” -Brittany C.

“Gifts from the heart don’t need to be expensive. I never expected anything expensive before marriage nor do i now after and same for him.” -Dani P.


“If I knew better growing up, I definitely would’ve did things a lot differently. No, I wouldn’t buy a boyfriend an expensive gift because the relationship is about seeing if this person is worth me spending the rest of my life with. I date with a purpose. Now a husband– that’s a different story because this is my life partner; a person that I’m going to live and build the rest of my life with. I’ll definitely invest in him as he will do me. If I were taught the difference between the treatment of Boyfriend and Husband, I would’ve probably been better off.” -Toshamakia A.

“Normally, if I want to give a meaningful gift to someone special, I just get it. It might be inexpensive or expensive depending on what it is. I don’t purposely look for gifts that are expensive though because expensive to me doesn’t equal special. I like to give and receive meaningful gifts and don’t think being married or not makes a difference. As long as it’s a committed relationship I don’t see an issue.” -Rachel G.

What are your thoughts on the expensive gifts before marriage? Share your thoughts below.

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