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#PynkTalk: Should you make a public apology on social media when you embarrass a loved one?

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Although cheating is not new, we are surprised to know that Kevin Hart has fallen for the trap.

Recently, Kevin issued an apology to his wife and kids about a situation in which he made a “mistake”.

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That mistake, of course, was being caught on camera with another woman who was said to be extorting him for a few coins and exposing their sextape for all to see.

We later learned at a conference held by famed lawyer, Lisa Bloom, that the young lady that we see in the tape is 27-year-old, Montia Sabbag, who claims to be an actress and a singer.

Although we could go on and on about the cheating scandal because there is a lot to the story and everyone has their version, we wanted to talk about the apology.

We talked to our #PynkGirls and asked if they would want a public apology or would they rather it be dealt with privately. See what they had to say.


Don’t play me in public and then apologize privately, that’s not cool.” -Kiarra S.

“No, it’s between you and that family member. Why must the world know?” -Anitra B.

If you embarrassed them on social media then may be right to apologize via social media.” -Antoinette W.

“No. there’s a time to grow up and that definitely one. Showing you respect someone is a private conversation.”-Audris T.


“Nothing that happens within a personal space, including marriage, should be displayed publicly. If you do put your partner through such open embarrassment, be prepared to own up to it and not have a pity party for your own closure.” Sasha M. 

Nope! What happens in our house is not for public consumption. When you do this publicly, it gives people the sense of entitlement to chime in to what’s happening in our lives. Everyone does not need front row seats or should feel comfortable enough to speak on our trials.” -Jocelyn N.

“I think infidelity issues need to stay private (Marriage counselor and couple)!Dineth A. 

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