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#PynkTalk: The Power of Forgiveness

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On the last episode of Basketball Wives, we saw Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada come together to mend their relationship that was ripped to shreds. Evelyn recently talked to Entertainment Tonight about rebuilding their relationship.

“We’re working on getting things back to 100 percent, but I will say that we’re well on our way. I’m at a point in my life where — especially after having my son and taking a break [from the show after season five]— sometimes you need to take pause. There’s so much conflict and craziness going on in your life sometimes it’s good to take a pause. During that period, you think about friends and relationships [and]where did things go wrong.”

It is always good to see women come together and hash out their differences like women as opposed to arguing and definitely fist-fighting.

The ability to forgive is very powerful for many reasons but mostly because it allows you to heal your heart and your mind.

You are no longer stuck in yesterday. When you harbor anger towards someone, you never get past the pain of yesterday. When you learn to forgive, you move on and away from the past hurts.

You learn more about yourself. Sometimes forgiving someone for their past indiscretions makes you think about the situation from my different perspectives which helps you grow mentally and  spiritually.

When one learns the power of forgiveness they learn to be whole.

Have you discovered the power of forgiveness? Share your thoughts below.

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