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#PYNKTalk: Top 5 Struggles Of Being A Woman



Have you ever wondered how easy it must be for the male race simply because they don’t have half the struggles and battles we do as females. They never have to put that much effort into simple every day task like what to wear or what to eat so that you don’t get bloated. It’s these simple struggles that make being a woman that much harder and haves every woman thinking, “If I Were A Boy?”

So just for the heck of it we thought it would be fun to list our top 5 struggles of being a woman. These struggles are what we all as #PYNKGirls can agree are a pain.

Point Blank Period: Once a month mother nature decides to bless us with a stream we call our period but with this gift comes additions that has every woman wanting a sex change ASAP. From bloating, to cramps, to back aches, to breast tenderness, to diarrhea, to vomiting, and even having to second guess your outfit options.

Hairsay: Who’s genius idea was it to think that woman should have hair on every inch of their body? Well, we now have the painful task of getting our hair waxed and lasered just so we have that feminine appeal. Its the definition of beauty comes with a price and beauty is pain.

High Hopes: The higher the heels, the higher the standards? More like the higher the heels the more your feet hate you! We love our shoes, theres no doubt about that but with a great pair of shoes comes an even greater pain. But its the struggle we have to live with in order to make our fashionable outfits a fashion statement.

Wing Check: Make up is an essential for any #PYNKGirl even if you just wear makeup on occasion its still the one thing we as woman can agree makes us feel that much more special. But the struggle here comes in when your trying to make sure both sides of your face match. It’s the fight you have to put up with your eyeliner to make sure that wing look is accomplished without having to start over 100 times and making sure your eyes don’t look like you got into a fight.

Boobalicious: Its a common struggle for any woman with medium to large boobs to find a good bra. Its the battle of making sure you don’t have double boob ( when your bras to small and causes the upper part of your boob to show), make sure you have the right amount of security and support, and making sure your bra and top having a corporative relationship.



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