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#PYNKTalk: We Applaud You Modern Day Nola Darling



As one of the most female empowering moves, “ She’s Gotta Have It” has made its mark as the movie that takes double standards and flips it on its head. Nola Darling, the main charcter is a women who embraces her power of choice and takes control of her body. She is unapologetcically honest and sexual.

Nola is the epitome of what women in todays society fear to embrace because of societies standards of  what a woman should be. It’s looked down upon for a  woman to have more than one sexual partner at a time because she is quickly labeled a hoe or thot. But, when a man sleeps with as many women as he can keep up with he is given the ultimate praise and seen as “The Man”. But for the very few women out there, who could care less about an opinion, you are our modern day Nola Darling.

You, just like Nola embrace your right to not be tied down by one man because you are young and see your life as something to be lived. You aren’t promiscuous but sure of your sexuality as something to be embarked on. You are honest with yourself and the world of your intentions because you have no reason to hide the real you. You are not interested in mans idea of a woman being something to be tamed or controlled but more interested in showing that women are meant to be free and in control of their lives without being considered bossy or lost because they don’t aspire to marry.

Some see a lost soul who is trying to live the life only meant for a man but here at PYNK we applaud you and see you as a PYNKGirl who embraces her pretty powerful and most of all, her provocative.



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