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#PynkTalk: What do you need/do in order to get into your creative space?

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When you are a creative mind, nothing can be worse than a brain fart. Not having any ideas that you can bring to fruition can be a complete downer.

There are times when I grab my Starbucks and fruit, prepare my space, pull out my trusty pen and pad, and nothing comes to mind. I stare at the blank page as it seems to taunt me about my lack of creativity.

Luckily for me, I come from a family of creatives, and they offer me good ideas of how to get my creative juices flowing.

When I find myself in a creative drought, I do the following: exercise, turn on some Soca music and clean house. I am not sure how that combination all works together, but baby, I get the job done and I get results!


So we asked a few of our #PynkGirls what they did to get productive and here are their awesome suggestions:

“A pen and a blank notebook page. A list of “to-do” tasks and my C.O. Bigelow Lip Shine.”– Maleeka H.

Wine and Wifi.” -Serrot S.

Play music and scroll through Pinterest.” -Janelle S.

Music and my style diary! But mostly some inspiration.” -Sara J.


Sundays with Bae keeps me tapped into a continued state of creativity. That work/life balance is crucial for me. Motherhood keeps me grounded but being a lover– that inspires me.” -Priya W.

Music and a clean space.” -Rahma R.

First i allow someone to piss me off then i blast the most outrageous music in my playlist. I swear it works!” -Dani P.

“Security. When my bills are paid and ain’t no man irking my nerves, then I do my best work. I also love a cup of coffee, my beats headphone and a good playlist! Karla B.

It looks like many of us love good music to help get the job done!

What do you need/do in order to get into your creative space? Share with us below.

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