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#PynkTalk: What is popular now, but in 5 years everyone will be embarrassed by?



When I heard that Birdman aka Baby, the boss of Cash Money Records, was letting go of his iced out grill and actually did it, I knew that there was a God! When he later discussed having his facial tattoos removed (we speculate before he would walk down the aisle with now girlfriend, Toni Braxton), I knew that he was a changed man, and Toni Braxton is a special kind of woman.

Although he has worn his facial tattoos for decades, I knew that eventually they would change. Fads are fading and reality is a lifetime. If you are not a celebrity, or in some way working in the entertainment business, you might find it hard to get a job with facial tattoos, unless you can explain that they represent tribal or religious significance.

When this trend became the “in” thing to do, it was really hard to wrap my mind around why people would do it. I just felt that it would be something that most would regret in the future.

While Birdman is getting his life, we wanted to know what our #PynkGirls thought about popular trends that would be embarrassing to look back on. They definitely had their opinion on it and we found some of it hilarious.

“Donald Trump because the nation voted for an egotistical bully for president and we should be embarrassed by our decisions and direction of the nation.” -Karla B.

“Butt injections! Later on the injections can cause physical harm to the body.” -Lea’trice C.

“Men spray on hairlines and beardlines. The fake beard and hair lines mess up my sheets. Please it’s a distraction and it illuminates in the light.” -Nau Le 


“These dramatic over drawn eyebrows. I believe that we should be careful with the trends we follow on our faces. Some women have permanent reminders and when the cycle ends, they will be BIG mad.” -Priya W.

“Fat transfers/But injection/BBL’s. It amazes me when I travel to other countries and see natural bodies and imperfections.” -Vanessa R.

“30 inch weaves. It’s so fake and everyone who does it looks the same. No one looks unique anymore. What’s wrong with being your authentic self without the extra additives?” -Daishaneen W.


“Shelf Booty because when they don’t work out and gain weight the butt gets unattractively huge.” -Carmena D.

What do you think people will be embarrassed about in 5 years? Share your thoughts.

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