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#PynkTalk: What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done for a friend?

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“Friends. How many of us have them?” Whodini

“That’s my best friend! My #bae! My ride or die!” Those are just a few names that we give to people that we would do anything for… or will we?

What are you willing to do for your friends that you may not do for your own family? For some people, they would do almost anything for their best friend. For others, there are limits.

We asked a few of our #PynkGirls what was the bravest thing that they ever did for a friend. Interestingly, we had a very small response which said to us, many some people are not so ride or die. Check it out below:


“When I was younger, I called my friend’s drug dealer and told him to stay away from her. It got a bit scary after she, then, called me and told me to apologize to him, since, as she stated, ‘He has done bad things'”. -Monique J.

Though she’s not a friend anymore, I helped a “friend” and her 4 children escape from her abusive ex-husband. I spent an entire summer feeding, babysitting, buying diapers, giving clothes and toys, filling gas tanks, etc. I even introduced her to my cousin who was a mechanic so he could fix her car. She then ended up talking to the cousin behind my back, he left his wife for her, and they both disrespected me in return.” -Trisha W.

We won’t mention the pattern that we see in these quotes, but it makes us wonder what brave thing have you ever done for your friend? Share below!

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