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#PynkTalk: What scary movie would you never watch again?

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Halloween is not my favorite time of the year for many reasons but that doesn’t mean that I won’t entertain a really scary movie now and again for the thrill of it all. There is nothing like watching a movie, sitting at the edge of your seat as your skin crawls with excitement and a little horror. But there are some movies that I would NEVER watch again, why you ask?

Although there is fun in being scared and knowing that this is not real, there is a problem in being so scared that you lose your breath or pass out from a mild heart attack– no thank you!

The movie that I promised I would never watch again is the entire SAW franchise. I watched number one and never again!

We talked to a few #PynkGirls and they shared the horror flicks that they would never watch again.

 “IT! So when they decided to re-release it, I was like not again!” -Tiffany C.

Totally, IT! I was pissed last Halloween when some idiot decided to take his children trick or treating while wearing an IT costume!! Still hate clowns to this day– even the emoji! -Leslie T. 

“IT by Stephen King. I saw the movie once in middle school and never watched it again. Here we are 25+ years later, and I am still cautious of walking past a sewage drain. I guess you can also blame this movie on my strong dislike for clowns be it in OR out of costume!” -Anitra B.

“I’m a horror writer and enthusiast, so it takes a lot to scare me but in 2004 I watched Exorcist: The Beginning. It takes place in Africa and there’s a scene where a little Black boy is ripped to shreds by a possessed hyena in graphic detail. That hit me hard.” -Tiara W.

“The original Exorcist movie of 1973. I was eight years old and stood in line with my eldest sister bragging about how brave I was and that this movie won’t scare me. I am still scared to this day! Simply demonic is my answer to ‘why’!”Lisa S.

Exorcist, when I was four or five years old, I walked into a room with the TV on at my grandma’s house. I saw a girl’s head spin around and I walked right back out, no thank you!” -Rachel G.

 “Candyman. Still can’t look in the mirror and repeat his name.” -Tami C.

Candyman. My mother, cousin and I went to the movies at a theater in Philly that had mirrors all the way down the hall to the bathroom. Way too many mirrors especially if you said his name in the mirror three times, he would come after you!” -Quisha A.

Pet Cemetery. I didn’t get through the whole movie. I never watched again and won’t even read the book. I’m good.” -Gardner C.

“Haven’t really watched another scary movie since Insidious, especially if it’s about demonic spirits.” -Savvy H.

“The Last Shift. I will never watch that sh*t again!” Jalisa B.

 “All of the Saw Movies, I just can’t.” -Rasheeda H.

Gremlins– fluffy animals should not be miskept.” -Audris T.

I’m terrified! Are you? Share your scary movies beelow.

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