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#PynkTalk: When Jaiden Gumbayan made a stir with her brown skin

Photo from Jaiden Gumbyayan Instagram

In recent years there have been some cases of black face that had black twitter on fire.

In case you need a reminder, “blackface” is a term that originated in the early 19th century. Black performers were not allowed to perform for white audiences, therefore it was left to white performers to paint their faces black and exaggerate their features to showcase “tom-foolery.” This stereotypical “art” contributed to a legacy of racist stereotypes which still continue today.

Kim Kardashian faced the wrath of social media about an image in which she looked much darker than usual. She stated that it was because of tanning. Julianne Hough decided that she wanted to be “Crazy-Eye” Suzanne from the hit Netflix show, Orange is the New Black, and she caught major slack for wearing black face. She later apologized. Even, Beyoncé who is an African American woman, has been accused of blackface and fans weren’t happy about it.

Recently, Filipino-Sicilian Jaiden Gumbayan, is being dragged by social media and accused of black face because of her extreme change in skin tone which she displayed on Instagram.

In her caption, she stated that she is not photo shopped in the image but it is in fact her actual skin tone. “I love these photos because they aren’t airbrushed or edited in any way to alter my body or appearance. They show my flaws that I am proud of.”



The people commenting on the photo don’t seem to believe that this is Jaiden’s natural complexion. One commenter stated, “This isn’t a tan this is straight-up painting yourself to look like a black person.”

Others don’t see a problem with her new found skin by saying, “If you’re offended by a girls tan then you need to grow up.”

Do you think Jaiden Gumbayan is in black face?





    June 22, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Sorry but she is. Her dressing up like that makes me uncomfortable and it’s downright creepy. Sadly this will follow her forever, as the internet doesn’t forget. Girl fucked up…


    tasha s

    October 20, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    If she wants to have brown skin let her have brown skin. she looks great and nobody owns the color brown. swhat’s the big deal?


    Lola Winters

    November 3, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    The big deal, Tasha S, is that shes fucking crazy. It’s not like she just got “brown skin”, she braided her hair, wore tribal African clothing, faked curly/kinky hair, lied to people when questioned on her race, and wore foundation shaaaades darker than her natural skin tone and bragged on twitter how the rain will wash it away and she’ll be white again. Her lying and dumbassery towards culture and history is fucked, and everybody kissing her ass is fucked.

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