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#PYNKTalk: Who Should Pay On The First Date?



When it comes to dating, that’s a whole conversation that could last for a while but when it comes to money and dating thats a topic that could last a lifetime. The most talked about issue when it comes to dating is who should pay on the first date and other dates that follow.

It’s no secret that the common agreement among #PYNKGirls is the guy pays on the first date for numerous reasons one being that 9 times out of 10 it’s the guy who asked the female out on the date originally. So due to his invite comes the unspoken rule and agreement that he pays. But, a lot of guys feel that the invitation is a big step but doesn’t warrant that he pays. Some guys feel like this unspoken rule has caused a rift in the dating world and is a rule that leaves the guy vulnerable with no return especially if the date goes bad.

So here is our take on the issue of dating and money. Hands down on the first date the guy should pay especially if he’s the one who asked the female out. It shows a sign of chivalry and is a financial curtesy as a man. No #PYNKGirl wants a man who can’t financially provide and the first date sets the stage for how your potential relationship will be. Sure guys may have this idea that a #PYNKGirl is indenpent and can provide for herself, and that is completely true. Every #PYNKGirl is pretty, powerful, and provocative but these characteristic don’t mean that she wants to take care of a grown man.

But, this is not to say that  the women should never pay for a date. There’s definitely a difference between the male being a gentleman and the women using him. As a #PYNKGirl you should never depend on a male to take care of you and to show your independence and gratitude sometimes you may have to pull out your card.  Once the second date has been established and both parties feel like this is actually a friendship worth entertaining by time the third date is scheduled the female should have plans to pay. It shows the guy you’re not a free loader and that you’re just as interested in him as he is in you.

Therefore, money and dating are factors that work hand and hand. So whether you’re male or female be prepared to give a little.

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