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#PYNKTalk: Who Should Valentine’s Day Really Be For?


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It’s about the time of year when couples get into the spirit of expressing their love for one another because of this holiday us single #PYNKGirls dread known as valentines day. But so many believe that valentines day is the day that the female only gets pampered and appreciated but ladies what about your man?

We expect so much from our male counterparts on a daily that a lot of their efforts go unnoticed because they are expected. But ladies where is it written that the man is suppose to pay for every outing or date, give you compliments even when the glow up is faint, and give you little sentimental gifts just because?

168648586The man is so often under appreciated and on valentines day we as women look to be appreciated the most. But, what if for this one day out of the year you pamper your man and make him feel the way he makes you feel 24/7?

It doesn’t take much to show your man that you value him respect him, and love him unconditionally. If he’s the person that you wake up to everyday and the person that makes you feel special why not show him exactly how he makes you feel.

This valentines day cherish the man in your life and surprise him with a bed of roses and you in some sexy lingerie, a dinner with little notes as to why you love him so much, a remake of your first date, or just something that would mean the world to him.

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