#PynkTalk: Why Living Single is still one of my favorite shows

The cast of Living Single: Queen Latifah, Kim Fields, Erika Alexander and Kim Coles. (Photo by Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images)

There is no one more influential in a young girl’s life than a big sister. Dads always mean well but don’t necessarily get “it.” Moms are like goddesses that inspire us but aren’t always accessible. But a big sister? A big sister is like having a super hero best friend. She is old enough to introduce you to a whole new world but still close enough to understand. She’s invincible but still vulnerable. She’s perfect.

And unfortunately, I never had one. But that’s ok! Because I had something almost better. I had Living Single.

For those unfamiliar, Living Single became one of the most popular African-American sitcoms of its era, ranking among the top five in African-American ratings in all five seasons. Its run for five years August 29, 1993 to January 1, 1998) made women for strong, independent, a fabulous.

Yup. The ladies of Living Single were and are my pseudo sisters, and if you were blessed enough to watch them growing up, then you know what I mean.

Who was your favorite?

Khadijah James

Khadijah was always the quintessential big sis to me. She was funny, fly, tough as hell and always knew what to do to keep her and her girls afloat. Between managing the chaos that is her friends and pioneering urban represent ion with Flavor Magazine, Khadijah was a model for the #BossedUp ladies of this generation. She showed us how to manage personal life while still being a boss. I could definitely see me running to Khadijah for advice on anything from friends to f**k boys.

Synclaire James-Jones

Oh, Synclaire. If Khadijah was the sister that taught me to be strong, Synclaire definitely reminded me to be soft. She was always so silly and bright, reminding us all that there was no shame in having emotions, which is very important for young black girls to learn. She always stayed true to herself and never let anyone harden her heart. If Synclaire isn’t the sister that you can cry into a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s over your first or fifthteenth heartbreak, I don’t know who is.

Regine Hunter

I honestly don’t think I could handle being Regine’s little sister. How can you possibly compete with someone so fabulous and free? One of the things that I always admired about Regine was her refusal to settle, whether it be subpar men or heels. She worked hard for everything she had and didn’t deter from her fashion-mogul dream or Ken-doll expectations. Big Sis Regine would definitely be my go to for shopping trips and boy watching.

Maxine Shaw

And no list could be complete without mentioning the great Maxine Shaw, attorney at law. As a true Philly girl, watching Maxine own every moment was like watching my real life family members. She was such a straight-shooter, who always spoke her mind and didn’t take no for an answer. Although she could be a little rough around the edges, she was always there when her girls needed her, whether it be for a shoulder to cry on or a comeback from the gods. Maxine wouldn’t just be my big sister; she’d be my best friend and my idol.

There is so much to learn from these women that we can never forget their contribution of sisterhood to our lives.

Who is your big sister in your head?

19961332_1434065216641848_4548054011966919568_nAuthor: Bria Goldwire is a contributing #PynkGirl who stays woke and plans to shake a few shoulders with her thought-provoking writing.

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