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#PYNKTalk: Why Women No Longer Aspire To Be “Someone’s Wife”



Growing up as a young girl we are taught that the ultimate dream is to marry a man who can provide and live the happily ever after with the white picket fence. But, there has been a shift in this dream and now of days marriage is barely an aspiration.

We as women strive to be our own providers and know that everything a man can do we can do bigger and better. And some may say this strong black woman demeanor is what leaves so many women single, alone, and lonely. But what if one’s ability to provide for herself is exactly what fulfills her and fills the void where society says a man is suppose to go?

The need for a marriage is null and void if you are a #PYNKGirl who is satisfied with simply being in a relationship with stability, loyalty, and love. The need to take your mans last name and be a union in the eyes of society is not the end goal for every #PYNKGirl in the 21st century.

We see so often couples who have been happily together for years but have no desire to marry because reasons that stem from the simple question of why. Why marry when we are in a comfortable place? Why marry when we are already committed to each other?

These questions are valid in the sense that a couple who is happy and fulfilled as boyfriend and girlfriend rather than husband and wife see their relationship as perfect and full of love, so why seek validation from a piece of paper.

Thus, the shift in needing to be married as a women has caused quit a few rifts in what society considers the standard for a happy life. But, who’s to say that being happily in love with your partner minus the legality of it all isn’t enough?

So for all you #PYNKGirls out there simply aspiring to find love in happiness with your partner, don’t let societies standards of happiness alter your relationships and force you into marriage. Let your relationships play out and if marriage is in the cards you are dealt make sure we get an invite (lol). But, if not we don’t blame you for having other aspirations that may not lead you down the aisle.



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