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#PYNKTALK: Would you drop all your social media to save a relationship?

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A relationship is all about give and take. Being ready to give up and alter things in your life to make room for your soul mate, and if he is truly your soulmate than he will do the same for you.

Many of us find ourselves wondering, what is appropriate to give up in a relationship? While some things are evidently clear, like an ex-boyfriend waiting to re-enter your life– It’s an easy, give him up! While other things can be more complicated. But one thing that has us ready for a serious #PYNKTalk has everything to do with something you may use daily in your social life. We are talking about social media!

How many times have we heard that a relationship ended due to a post on social media? An inappropriate DM? A wondering eye? The list can go on and on! Although, it all depends on the person, the relationship status and commitment to the relationship, it has many of us wondering can social media be the graveyard to relationships?

So #PYNKGIRLS, it brings up a serious question:

Would you drop all your social media to save a relationship?

We talked to some PYNK GIRLS and this is what they had to say:

“Yes I would if it was interfering with my relationship and that relationship is worth sacrificing things for. Hopefully the trust would be there as to where this wouldn’t have to even be a thought or option.” -Courtney J.

“Yes I would. My relationship is worth more than a few likes on social media. Social media is entertainment, but my relationship is my reality.” -Sheila C.

Yes, I’m not “in a relationship with Social Media”. -Stephanie N.

“The bigger question for me would be why would I need to…” -Moni B.

Social media can definitely impact a relationship, but there may be a greater issue if your significant other doesn’t trust your digital environment! –Tiffany C.

It is hard to pen-point why social media plays such a huge part in breaking up relationships because let’s face it, there are too many factors in the way social media offers an open window into your life. But what if a spouse requested you close your social media to save your relationship? Would you do it?

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