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#PynkTalk: Would you give your spouse access to your social media accounts?

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Trust. Honesty. Passwords. Nowadays people require the latter when making a commitment. While others believe that privacy is still important and necessary in a relationship.

Do you have something to hide? Do you trust your spouse?

We asked a few of our #PynkGirls whether they were willing to give access to their social media to their spouse. You will be surprised to read the results:

“I would give it to him. No problem! I would also want to discuss his need for the info.” -Tiffany G.

“Duh, my password is my middle name, honey! Just to see her face when she realizes she could have been searching my accounts all along. So my response would be sure.” -Shaun J.

“I would share it as long as I get access too.” -Tashea M.

“I’d give it to him. I have nothing to hide.” -Courtney J.

“This really depends on the base of your relationship. Are you friends? Do y’all have trust issues? Is he purposely looking for reasons to be overbearing? In my experience with my Boyfriend/Fiance/Now Husband, we used to share IGs until he made his own. And if he ever wants to go on FB (because we have mutual friends/family) he’s free to use my account on my phone. So I guess I just haven’t had to give him my login (password/email).
Then again, I don’t have anything to hide.” -Sasha M.

“I would say, ‘May I have access to your credit card pin number?'” -Chandra D.

“I don’t believe it’s necessary. What do we have if we can’t have trust? Nothing.” -Carol Y.

“Nope. My boyfriend and I agreed not to be friends on social media. And it works perfectly for us.” –Neah E.

“Mine already has access, but it’s not a big deal to me.” -Khadijah P.

“I been with my man for over 13 years, and NO. I have nothing to hide and I have handed him my phone on the spot to ease his overly suspicious mind. He acted like he didn’t want to at first, and as soon as I turned my head he snatched it so quickly and started looking through my inbox and my DM. He found nothing but I felt disrespected because what happened to the trust? I just am not the one for a bunch of interrogation especially when I know I’m not doing anything wrong. So he had to get a block from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m just not going to be arguing over social media when we live under the same roof.” -Yvonne B.

“My social media is strictly business, so hell no, he won’t get my contacts.” -Pilar S.

“My digital presence is purposely transparent. I understand that it is not private and can be accessed. In short, it’s not the place for my secrets, so sure you can see it.” -Bonnie S.

“That ain’t none of his damn business either. I like healthy boundaries. What’s mine is mine– all mine. I also don’t want him using my soap.” -Lovisa W.

“My boyfriend can kick rocks unless I have a ring 💍. My husband can have it.” -Gardner C.

“Sure, why not? If you have nothing to hide. And on another hand why would he/she be asking for a password to your social media if he/she didn’t trust you?” -Tina R.

“My husband and I have each other’s passwords to all social media, email accounts, bank accounts, you name it. There is nothing to hide, and actually, I would go to the extent to say it makes us even more secure in our relationship. We don’t check up on each other on a regular basis or anything. I might have important business sent to his email rather than mine and vice versa. There was no struggle in the beginning either, we just naturally shared our passwords. I think that is how a marriage should be.” -Carmen U.

We were quite amused at the responses and as usual, our #PynkGirls keep it real.

So we want to know from you: If your husband/boyfriend asked you for access to your social media accounts, how would you respond/react?

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