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#PYNKTunes: 15 Girl Power Throwbacks That Never Get Old



Happy Throwback Thursday! Today we celebrate all the songs that are still on our everyday playlist. The feminine power takeover. There are many 90s hits that graced us with originality and some lifelong hooks that we will never forget. Some of these songs may never be recognized for their true impact in the coming generations, but most of these are still on heavy rotation amongst radio stations and the general public with a musically inclined mind.

Fortunately, hip hop is a genre that celebrates the past and its innovators. It is a genre that continues to pay homage to the late greats. Of course there are way too many hits from Aaliyah to Mary J., but for the sake of sharing the wealth, we’ve only chosen one from each of these legends. So bow down to the queens: the ill na na, the big momma thing and the bag ladies and check out 15 of Pynk’s top choices for timeless 90s hits from some of our favorite female artists.


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