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#PYNKTunes: 6 Reasons We’re Excited For Monica To Drop ‘Code Red’


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If you have Apple Music, you’re probably losing your mind listening to the only four songs that are currently available off of Monica’s newest album Code Red. With features from industry friends Missy Elliott, Akon, Lil Wayne, Timbaland and more, we are definitely preparing for some very eclectic and up-tempo tracks, accompanied by Monica’s godly vocals. With no two songs being alike, Monica is definitely giving us the feels with this project. An album that seamlessly fits into this new era of the genre.

Code Red will be Monica’s eighth studio album, proving that she is still a contender in the r&b scene even after her two-decade-long career. Being a wife, mother of three, musician and entrepreneur; it’s hard to fathom how she finds the time to record, but we are certainly glad she decided to take us to church once more. We are obsessed with this amazing collection of songs that she has produced. Here are 6 reasons why we are excited for Code Red to release on December 18.

1. It’s been three years since Monica’s last album.

2. She has a song featuring her daughter―how adorable!

3. Monica has always been the one to provoke emotion. We are anticipating some real tears after listening to this album.

4. Her voice hasn’t changed one bit. Monica still sounds absolutely amazing and delivers on the spot.

5. We are looking forward to the lovey dovey talk about her husband and her happy life.

6. Each time she releases a new track for her fans, they seem to be getting better and better.

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