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#PYNKTUNES: ANE’s ‘Bitan’ Enlightens the Different Stages of Grief



We all grieve, or at least we all do at some point or another in life. We don’t all deal with it the same way; besides there are levels to grief, or different stages, ANE might say. The New Jersey-based Korean-American songstress is on the rise to the top. She has just released her new EP “Bitan“, follow-up to her 2014 release, “Freedomfiend“.


With so much passion and originality, ANE is taking her songwriting skills to new heights. Listening to the lyrics may give you chills, you may vibe out, you may daydream, or all of the above; one thing is for certain, it’s a good listen. Of all her many influences, her longtime and main influences are the late-greats, Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone, and the one and only Lauryn Hill. As she recently told, Wonderland Magazine, “Strong, female but vulnerable artists.” You can hear just that in her musical sound.


Here is more from her interview with Wonderland Magazine:

On her EP, “Bitan”:

“Bitan” is also an example of how I use my heritage conceptually. “Bitan” translates to grief, lament, and/or passion in Korean. Bitan is not actually a word that I use regularly in my own vocabulary. However, I liked the visual appeal of spelling out the word in English because in a way it feels like a whole new word, brand, representation. The music is alternative R&B with a lot of dark, sultry tones. It is a reflection of what I was going through at the moment. The songs represent the different stages of grief. I paid a lot of special detail to the different lyrics in the verses so they can be read off the tongue like a poetic conversation.”

On which song from the EP she’s most excited about:

“I know every artist says this but it is definitely true. Having to choose a favorite would be like having to choose my favorite child. Each song is more exciting in different situations. For example, I would probably drive around to “All That I Want,” perform to “Stickup,” and brainstorm to “Dreams.”

Lastly, on what else is next for her this year 2017:

“I am working on new material that somehow ended up being really different from “Bitan”. It’s still in the early phases but from what I can tell it is more fun and rhythmic. If “Bitan” is deep, dark, velvet hues, the next round of music will probably be brighter, more neon colors. I am not sure yet though. I can never fully tell until it is finished.”

Check it out:

Photo Credit: ANE’s IG

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