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#PYNKTunes: Artist To Watch, Asha ‘Masterbait’


When a female MC decides to step out in this boys only territory, you can’t help but take notice. And with this female MCs hard hitting lyrics, funky style, and swag overload, she is sure to stop you in your tracks.

Asha, this underground MC who stands clear of the hyper sexualized view of a female MC and who can run with the best of them puts her all in her latest project Masterbait. The project features songs like “Savion,” which has an old school Wu Tang feel accompanied by her ability to be feminine, but hard and gritty with lyrics that shed light on her power of femininity.

As a Rutgers University graduate, she locks into her struggle of chasing her dreams of being an artist all while being a lyricist who has her hand on the pulse of what hip hop is missing

As a powerful female, she makes it a point to express her voice and after listening to her latest project you, will begin to wonder why you haven’t already heard the name Asha.

Listen below.


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