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#PYNKTunes: Artist To Watch, Buni Milani




Jersey has been pushing out some of the dopest artists we have seen in a while and what was once the black hole of music, has become the mecca of birthing great artist like Dougie F, Fetty Wap, and now our very own #PYNKGirlApproved artist to watch, Buni Milani.

With a musical genre that ranges from rock, hip hop, and pop, the Jersey City native has been making her way up the ranks and hoping that her take on pop music with a hint of alternative gains her recognition.

With musical influences that range from Beyonce to Paramore, Buni is no way your typical pop artist and that is exactly what makes her so unique. Her take on musical expression makes her stand out among the rest and when others are taking the safe route when it comes to finding their sound she remains raw, bold, and uncut.

Her latest single “The Coven” off her album The New Wave¬†goes through her feelings of a guy catching her eye while she’s with her girls. This single gives you a raw look into Buni as an artist that is different but has the ability to give you those catchy hooks you look for.

So check out our #PYNKGirlApproved artist to watch Buni Milani:






Photo Credit(s):inflexwetrust, Instagram.

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