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#PYNKTunes: Artist To Watch, DonMonique



DonMonique makes these trap tracks look easy and it’s probably because she’s a boss from Brooklyn. Growing up traveling between the NYC towns of the South Bronx and Flatbush, Brooklyn; Trap Queen DonMonique is a clear product of street culture and hip hop’s most underground fluxes. Last month, the rapstress dropped her debut EP Thirst Trap and the hip hop cult scene went crazy. Blogs began to name her the “First Queen of Trap,” a title well deserved by the pretty, but raw MC. DonMonique’s musical tactics are both refreshing and exemplary of the type of hardcore female emceeing that we need in this era. Being a year shy of the legal age, it will definitely be interesting to see what she will bring to the future of music. Check out her latest heavy-based record “You Ain’t Heard” below and listen to her EP on Soundcloud.

Photo Credit(s): Saintheron, Soundcloud

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