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#PYNKTunes: Artist To Watch, Prince Hill

Prince Hill

We are always on the prowl for the latest and next best thing booming in the hip hop scene. Often times, musicians come and go, so it’s always a great deal to see some talents that could possibly have longevity in the industry. But, the latest #PYNKGirlApproved artist to watch, Prince Hill is for sure here to stay.

The Newark, New Jersey native has had a small buzz surrounding him due to his ability to relate to the hood that raised him all while still having a pop feel that he refers to as “the jiggy movement.” Prince Hill has been grinding for a while to reach popularity, and at first it was a slow start due to him struggling to find his sound.

Stepping into his own Prince Hill has the whole Brick City rocking, and he has caught the attention of many with his latest hits off of his newest project The Fresh Prince of the Southward. 

He gives credit to his attention to detail when it comes to music to his hip hop idols 50 cent, Jay Z, and Kanye. His life experiences of growing up in one of the toughest cities in the nation has given him this “I have to make it” mentality and because of that he has no choice but to make it to the top.

So check out our Artist to Watch, Prince Hill.


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