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#PYNKTunes: Artist To Watch, Sadé Emoni



When it comes to artist finding their “IT” factor a lot of them struggle with finding that very thing that sets them a part from others and have a resounding impact of those who listen to their music. But when it comes to this unsigned artist Sadé Emoni who hails from New Jersey, she has exactly what “IT” takes to capture the ears and hearts of all her listeners.

Sadé is an artist that breathes life into every word she sings, whether its a remake/cover to the latest top ten hits or an original piece. She captivates listeners with her unique and soulful voice that pierces your heart and makes you believe soul is still alive and living through her voice.

If having to compare her unmatched talent to those we hear on a daily, some would say she favors Elle Varner with a dash of Jhene Aiko. Due to her strong powerful raspy voice and deep thought provoking lyrics that tell the tale of heartache.

With very few mainstream artist staying true to the idea of what it means to be a singer and have soul, Sadé Emoni is a breathe of fresh air and gives those who love soul and talent as much as every #PYNKGirl faith in music during a time when sex and commercial appeal is at the forefront of being an artist.

With her latest single “Deep Down” you get a feel for just how much she plays off of her raspy voice and melodic rifts. This original work of hers is just a taste of how musically inclined she is and how much she puts into her craft.

So check out this #PYNKGirlApproved artist to watch:


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