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#PYNKTunes: Not Your Average Biggie Playlist


Biggie Smalls & A Bottle Of St. Ides

RIP to the Notorious BIG!

For the most part, Biggie’s songs just don’t get old—and if it were up to us we’d label all of his tracks, classic. It’s true, the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace and it’s important that we pay homage to him the proper way. Before his time here was done, he gave us effortless swag, hood-rich style, but most importantly, he gave us music that would play forever in our stereo systems.

He gave us hits that will always be in rotation in our cars and left amateur rappers with a legacy that has inspired some of our greatest artists today. We all know the hits, but here are some songs that you probably haven’t heard in a while. Listen to 10 songs by Biggie that aren’t the usuals.


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