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#PYNKTunes: Rotimi Ft. 50 Cent ‘Lotto’ [New Video]



Although Rotimi definitely hit the lotto in real life with his break-through music and acting career. In his new video, “Lotto” featuring 50 Cent, the New Jersey native and the G-Unit vet act as maintenance workers who just found out that they hit the lotto and won the right seven digit jackpot. The duo run to the car dealership to purchase the highest priced, flyest whip they can find and travel throughout the city feeling like a million bucks―literally.

50 and young Rotimi grab a couple of girls, get some bottles, and celebrate life in an unbelievable movie scene of a life. Shortly after, they wake up and realize that something was wrong. Check out the video to see how Rotimi and 50 chose to spend their millions.

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