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#PYNKUpdates: Kim Kardashian Blonde Or Nah?!

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I could start this post by saying “We don’t believe…” Blah.. No we know that Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair is a lace front. We even covered her transformation, reporting the news as if it were the real deal.. But we now have a change of heart. No shade but Kimmie isn’t fooling anyone, she’s posted pics of her getting her roots redone, with the caption “being Blonde is a full-time job” yes Kim! And so is lying.. But, leave it to Kim everything on her body is real.. However, a couple of days back, three days after she miraculously appeared with platinum blonde Locs for Paris FW, to be exact, we were all blown away!

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Kim, hit to Instagram to thank her team for getting the job done in “ONE” take, adding “that’s not an easy task” and you know what?! That’s genius of you Kim! Known for her signature jet black mane, don’t get us wrong, she’s done blonde before but not this dramatic, as much as it added a fashion (forward) edge to her look, perfect for Paris FW.. it’s all very shady..  Undergoing such a drastic transformation in one take will rip her hair from her head!

It seems that TMZ also believes that is a lace front, as they released footage of Kim spotted wearing either a “black” wig or wearing her real hair?!



What are your thoughts? Do you believe it or not?!


Photo Source: @KimKardashianWest Instagram and TMZ


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