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#PYNKVday: 7 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is An Unnecessary Holiday



Before you assume that this is a bitter girls’ rant about being single and lonely on a “joyful” holiday filled with “love” and “emotions” let it be know that this is not the misadventures of a bae-less girl. Boyfriends are cool and I’m proud to say that I have one, but is doesn’t deter me from the fact that I think Valentine’s Day is a fraud solution to takes peoples’ money and make them look not good enough for the countless sweet things that they have already done.

He won your heart already, did he? So why must society dedicate a day where love is given, when love should be given all the time. Capitalism is the answer. Ladies, we all want a candlelit dinner on a yacht or something like that, but in my opinion, this holiday gives men permission to be a jerk until the next Valentine’s Day. Granted, endeavoring sweet, loving and intricate gestures on this “special” day, do show that you have put in an enormous amount of time and effort. But remember, that spa day you want to surprise her with claiming to have a “V-day special” is definitely bumping up the price just for you.

Take time and think over exactly what you are trying to accomplish here. This is not an excuse for guys to not do anything on Valentine’s Day, it’s simply a wake up call to both sexes. This holiday is a money maker for the system. Check out PYNK’s 10 reasons why Saint Valentine was a jerk.


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1. One day of love.

Love should not have a designated day. People should give you love every day of the year.
2. Money maker

Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for franchises to make major coins. Flowers, cards, chocolates is all a set up to make a profit out of us.


3. If you don’t have bae, you feel like shit

Although Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a holiday only for lovers, it unfortunately is. I’m sure in your mind, it’s okay to spend V-day with mommy, but social society tells us that you need a man to make this holiday complete.


4. Instagrammies

It’s not even about really being in love anymore. People just want a good enough picture to rub in what a lustrous love life they have.


5. Balling on a budget

Everything is twice as expensive. That “V-day special” is not really a cheaper option. It’s a trick to sucker you into giving your boo the best dinner options.


6. Love=happiness

We have convinced ourselves that love equates to happiness. Although love is a beautiful thing, we don’t need a relationship or a man to find it.


7. Self love

Realistically, Valentine’s Day does not celebrate self-love like it should.


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