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Reginae Carter Relaunches “Shut Up Collection” With ServedFresh


16-year-old author and daughter of Lil’ Wayne and Toya Wright, Reginae Carter is beginning a new venture. Her newly re-launched clothing collection, ‘Shut Up’ with ServedFresh is an anti-bullying campaign that aims to silence peer pressure and quiet social media criticism via dope, street-wear fashion. We had a chance to sit down with Reginae and Toya, to discuss the re-launch, her personal style and collaborating with ServedFresh.

PYNK: So what inspired you to venture into fashion?

REGINAE: I love fashion and I love to put my own spice to things. With ‘Shut Up’, I felt like it was so different. [The goal is] not to be rude or to be mean, it’s just different.

PYNK: We read that your re-launched ‘Shut Up’ brand is also an anti-bullying campaign. Tell us a little about that.

REGINAE: I wanted to silence all of the negativity. There is a lot of negativity and rumors going around about everybody. I go through it as well. I have [people]saying bad things about me under my comments or on the blogs and I feel I just want everyone to know that it’s normal for people to go through it. So that’s why I decided to add fashion into it.

PYNK: Have you ever dealt with bullying personally? If so, how did you overcome it?

REGINAE: I don’t allow anyone to make me feel uncomfortable enough to feel like I have to react. I’ve never been bullied [in person]but I [do experience]the blogs and all the rumors about my parents; people bashing me. I get that a lot.

PYNK: What are some of the hurtful things that people say about you that others can relate to?

REGINAE: People tell me that I’m fat. I’m ugly. I’m only something because of my father or because of my mother. Just all negativity.

PYNK: How were you able to get through that?

REGINAE: Growing up, my parents taught me and reminded me that I’m beautiful; that I’m smart. They reminded me that no one could tell me who I am. I know who I am. I’ve been in the public eye since I was like 5 years old, so I am used to it. I just let it roll off.

PYNK: When you look in the mirror now, what do you see?

REGINAE: I see a beautiful young African American girl who’s just trying to be herself without getting judged. I know and I understand that everyone’s going to judge and that’s why I started this campaign. I want people to know [that even if]people are not going to like me and are going to say bad things about me. [I can] keep moving forward.

PYNK: What would you consider your personal style to be?

REGINAE: I switch my style up. [Sometimes] it’s like tom-boyish with the boyfriend jeans, or sometimes I’ll put on a dress and add some wedges. My style is different. I like switching it up. I don’t like doing the same thing.

PYNK: Why did you choose to re-launch with ServedFresh?

REGINAE: I chose to re-launch with ServedFresh, because I see their work. They’re very popular, and the people themselves are so sweet and very humble. With Served Fresh, I feel like they have a whole bunch of style and designs that I really love and they’re very creative and I just love them.

TOYA: She was partnered up with this other company at first and they weren’t as professional and it kind of was bringing the brand down. So that’s why she decided to move to ServedFresh, something a little more professional. Their work ethics are better. Somebody hacked the old account on People were buying stuff from it, not receiving their items. So, we had to do a whole re-launch of the brand that caters to the customers. To let them know what happened and we’re moving [to ServedFresh]. She felt like it was the best fit for her. She was already a fan of everything they do. She loves their work, so she was like, ‘I want to bring my designs over there, and I want to work with them’.

PYNK: We know you love celebrities like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. So, besides them, who are some people you would hopefully like to see in your clothing line?

REGINAE: Well my clothing line is for boys and girls. I would love to see Chris Brown in it. I feel like he would rock it. And Beyoncé; that would be a good look. I’d probably give it to the First Lady and Obama [laughs]. I mean, it’s no bullying and Michelle Obama has a lot of campaigns like that.

PYNK: What other plans do you have in store for your brand?’

REGINAE: I want to eventually start [incorporating]glasses, jeans and probably sweat suits. I want to go bigger and maybe just put the little logo on something and make something different [like]cardigans or something like that. I definitely I want to go bigger.

PYNK: We love the zipper image inside of the letters. How hands on are you in creating the design of your clothing brand?

REGINAE: Well, they sent me the designs and I picked out what I liked and what I did not like, but with ServedFresh what they sent me, [there weren’t]a lot that I didn’t like. I told them what I wanted and what I was looking for and they were [on the same page].

PYNK: You are pretty grounded and mature for most young girls your age. What is one thing you would like to tell anyone experiencing peer pressure or bullying via social media?

REGINAE: You know who you are. No one can tell you what you can and cannot do. Go for what you want to do in life. Do what you want to do. Be you.

PYNK: Who is your favorite fashion designer?

REGINAE: I love Jeremy Scott. I love his work. If I could have everything he makes, I would.

PYNK: Where can people find your collection?

REGINAE: Online at and

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Photo Cred: ServedFresh

Interviewed by: Sicarah Fields

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