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If you were searching for Power in movie format, then “Deuces” sounds like the film to feed your crime fetish this summer. Power star, Rotimi premiered a screening of his new movie “Deuces” on March 27th at MIST Harlem. Deuces cast members include Larenz Tate, Meagan Good, Lance Gross and Rick Gonzalez to name a few.

Rotimi talks his first time on set with the legendary Larenz Tate

After the credits had rolled, Rotimi sat down for a Q&A to talk about his experience working on set with the cast, especially the legendary Larenz Tate.

“At that time, I had only been acting for 2-3 years, so this was the second movie I had ever done so I was a little nervous,” he said, “I was a little intimidated but then he [Tate] said “You’re here for a reason, just trust your first instinct that’s what got you here”

“Deuces” tells the story of Officer Jason(Gross) whose is sent to go undercover by his superiors to investigate and arrest Stephen “Deuces” Brooks (Tate) and his accomplices, Face (Rotimi) and Paper (Gonzalez). As Jason gets further involved in Brooks’ glamorous lifestyle, he soon begins to question both his position and his loyalty. Meanwhile, Jane (Good) falls in love with Brooks and also gets caught up in his web of lies.

The movie meets all expectations of a crime drama with sex, drugs, and lies all in the mix. What also makes the movie enjoyable to watch are the great laughs in between and the friendships and relationships between Brooks and others as he tries to set himself on the right path. But what makes the movie a great “edge of your seat-er” is the twist at the end no one will see coming.

The film will appear August 16th on Netflix. So make sure to reserve your next Netflix & Chill date this summer.

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