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Short Hair, Don’t Care Is The New Motto And This Is Why

kelly rowland


Society equates long hair with beauty for women. Just the mere thought of clipping your ends are terrifying for some, because of the fear of it being shorter. They would rather hold on to damaged ends just for the long appearance.

However, there is something mesmerizing about a woman with a short hair cut, natural or relaxed. The confidence for her to pull it off, standing out from the rest with boldness. In the 90s where female actresses and singers were wearing their hair short, which led to a trend. Like Halle Berry, Nia Long, Toni Braxton, Monica and more were a few of the fearless women to rock short sassy cuts.

Does anyone remember that season of Family Matters when Laura Winslow’s character came back with a short do? It made a statement exclaiming that she was no longer a child on this show, but a young woman. Artists such as Miley Cyrus, Rhianna and Keke Palmer who recently cut her hair, have also hopped on the cut life bandwagon and we’re loving their looks. Check out some of our favorite short cuts that we’ve seen up until now.

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