Singer/Entertainer @MilaJ Talks Music And Important Women In Her Life



Approximately five months after the release of her EP Made.In.Los.Angeles, Mila J has become super popular on the blogs as her fan base is increasing and her forthcoming album is on the way—which means no days off. The Los Angeles, California native is a vet in the industry and a beast when it comes to hard work and hustle. Coming from a musically inclined family and getting her first gig in a Prince video, there was no way that she would do anything else besides be an entertainer. After being on hiatus for several years and returning in 2012, Mila J is proving to the world that she’s here to stay.

Mila J comes from a multi-talented family of musicians and artists including her father who introduced her to music at a very young age and her sister Jhene Aiko who is also a noted singer and songwriter. Throughout her journey in the music industry, Mila was given the opportunity to join two female groups: Gyrl and Dame Four. Although her stint with both groups were short-lived, Mila J was determined to make her dreams of becoming a solo artist come true.

Since then, the ex-Dame Four member has worked with artists such as Omarion, Trey Songz, RaRa and more. Her reputation is building super fast, while she is being recognized in the game as a powerful force and a great artist of our time. With an extremely stacked schedule, the 32-year-old songstress manages to cram in massive amounts of photo shoots while she is preparing for her upcoming tour.

After a long journey with many setback and challenges, Mila J’s focus and diligent work ethic has led to her current success. Be on the look out for her debut album, which is set to release this spring. Continue to the next page to read the full interview.



What is a day in the life of Mila J like?
Always busy, usually get up and hit the gym for a couple hours, then its off to dance rehearsal. After some lunch and downtime I will head to the studio and work till the early hours of the morning.
You and Jhene are sisters, but you’re on different musical spectrums, how did you guys develop such different tastes in music?
The difference in sound comes through  personalities which has made each of our sounds unique.
I’ve watch many interviews where you mentioned that you use crystal deodorizers, Would you consider yourself a holistic person or naturalista?
While I do try in incorporate some of these practices in my daily routine, I do not consider myself truly holistic or a naturalista… trust me I still eat fast food every once in while!
What is the most important thing that you focus on when you are making your music?
Being open creatively. I tend to make music that is more based on feeling than anything else. Allowing myself to be completely free when I am in the studio.
What does Women’s History Month mean to you? 
It gives me the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment’s of women in everything from the arts to politics to history.
Who are some important women in your life and why?
My mother and grandmother because they are strong, selfless and brave and an example of what human being should be, for both men and women.
What is next for Mila J? What are you working on right now?
Working on finishing up the new album, doing photo shoots and preparing for my upcoming tour!
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