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Sister-Wives, The Answer Or Problem To Cheating

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I never thought that in the 21st century with powerful #PYNKGirls we would come to the point of accepting a mans actions of cheating. The idea that “All men cheat” is an ideal that helps some women cope with the infidelities of their spouse without facing the actual problems of men cheating.

If you are not familiar  with this lifestyle of sister-wives it’s defined as a man having relations with more than one woman and both women being okay with being co-girlfriends/wives.

deray This new fad of sister-wives has reached its height of popularity and has some men living out their biggest fantasy while leaving women coping with the idea and settling on the exact idea that “All me cheat”. With celebrity males engaging in this new fad such as Taz and his Angles, Deray Davis, and reality tv star Kody Brown, this lifestyles has been highly glorified and brings to light the idea of polygamist relationships.

As #PYNKGirls we are naturally pretty, powerful, and provocative. We thrive off of being in control of our lives and are not afraid to live out loud. But, among our many strengths we are head strong and determined in love. Therefore, the idea of  sharing our spouse doesn’t sit to well with a #PYNKGirl who believes in the traditional makeup of a relationship.

But this calls for discussion on how we as women have come to the place of settling on a man who can’t practice monogamy and be faithful to one woman. Have we reached our lowest point and become so desperate for love that we have forgotten traditional ideals? Or is this new lifestyle the answer to unhappy relationships and cheating spouses?

Within our culture we see men stepping out on their relationships for many reasons ranging from sex, excitement, and just the thrill of being with someone new. So one can argue that being a sister-wife could fix these issues because within the technicality of it all your spouse isn’t cheating because you approve and know of their extra relations. And you are appeasing your man and allowing yourself to be in control of his want to be with others.

But on the other hand being a sister-wife opens you up to diminishing your value and simultaneously viewing yourself as not worthy or not enough for a man to be faithful, making it is a necessity for him to have another woman to satisfy his needs.

Our culture has conditioned us a women to see ourselves as demanding and hard for a man to please because we have morals and standards. But, this lifestyle of relinquishing power to men is not the answer.

As a #PYNKGirl it is your right to demand what you want out of love and to demand that your spouse value you and appreciate your worth without any wavering doubt.

But whichever side of this lifestyle you fall on just remember that as a #PYNKGirl you are naturally powerful.



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