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Spike Lee: The Man, The Legend, The Creator


When it comes to filmmakers who have made a significant contribution to our culture in every facet, it goes without saying that Spike Lee is that man.

From socially conscious hits like “Do The Right Thing” and “School Daze,” Lee has made his mark in history as not only the most popular and successful black film maker of our time but also the man who has taught us to think differently about media.

As the early onset of his career begin, Lee was doubted and often seen as out of his league. But even when doubted by the major studios who barely supported his work with funding he made some of the greatest hits happen such as, “She’s Gotta Have It”.

Lee has been known to think out side of the box when bringing forth racial, social, economic, and sexual issue to the spotlight. He never pigeonholes himself to being “that black filmmaker”. Sure he embraces the the fact that he is a black filmmaker, making him in this profession rare but, he is multi-faceted in his ability to bring together a diverse crowd.

So we here at #PYNK we would like to applaud Spike Lee for his contribution to the culture of film, music, style, media, race, politics, and hip hop.

So follow us as we take a stroll down memory lane of our favorite Spike Lee Joints.






SHE''S GOTTA HAVE IT, Spike Lee, John Canada Terrell, Tommy Redmond Hicks, Tracy Camilla Johns, 1986, (c) Island Pictures






Photo Credit(s): Google, t3.gstatic, t2.gstatic, beautifullysmagazine. 

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